Friday, January 21, 2011

Liz Abinante (Awesome Designer)

Liz Abinante, the designer of the wildly popular Traveling Woman shawl on Ravelry, has done it again!  She made a Traveling Woman Collection!  The Traveling Woman shawl was my first experience with lace and shawl knitting.  I had done it with Aslan Trends Ecolana worsted weight for warmth, I named it "Frostbite" and gave it to my Mother as a gift.  She uses that shawl daily!  Now I'm itching to make the Traveling Socks, Scarf, Stole, Cowl, and yes another Shawl!!

The Socks were the first pattern released so I cast on as fast as my chubby little fingers could!  Once I got past the heel I got confused with the pattern and put it down.  Then the Scarf/Stole pattern came out and of course I cast that on.  Learned Provisional cast on just so I could do it!  I used Berroco Vintage and it feels great!  I knit that up quickly!  Now I just need to block it.  Since I enjoyed the Stole so much I decided to cast on the Cowl as soon as the pattern was released, using that same Berroco Vintage (Black Cherry color).  Great knit and very easy to follow pattern, took almost no time to make it.  Probably would have only been a few hours if I sat still and knit it from start to finish, but alas... I have demanding children!

I highly recommend that anyone who likes the original free pattern of Traveling Woman, to spend the money for her collection... totally worth it!

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