Friday, January 21, 2011

Nelli's Garden Shawl

Last year I started knitting a coat for my daughter, Nelli, using James C. Brett Marble Chunky (Jeweltone).  That was before I realized that the yarn has very distinctive striping... there was just no way to match up the seams right with it.  So I frogged it, but promised that I would make her something else with that yarn that was picked out specifically for her!

Since I need to knit 11 Shawls this year, I figured I would make her a shawl with it.  So she and I sat down and looked through shawls on Ravelry until we found a shawl that she liked and looked really good with striped yarn!  It was the Garden Of Alla shawl!  I knit it up and did the ruffle with Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair yarn that I had sitting in my stash.  Turned out to be a very simple pattern and a pretty shawl.  She loves it and it counts as Shawl #1 for this year!!!  That's two birds with one stone!

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